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Punch and Judy shows have been performed for over 350 years in Britain. 

Punch and Judy can be a wonderful addition to any event and always draws in a big crowd. The show is enjoyed by children and adults alike. Featuring all the characters you remember. 


Our Punch and Judy show is very traditional, with beautifully painted wooden puppets, a traditional "seaside" booth and the "swazzle" used to create the authentic Mr Punch voice. 


A full show lasts approximately 25 minutes or you can have 2 different shows each lasting 20 minutes. 


Why not combine Punch and Judy with additional entertainments such as Balloon modelling, Juggling or Circus Skills? At Juggle Puppet we can supply multiple entertainment deals which are cheaper than booking elsewhere. 

Check out our packages page for suggestions of how you can maximise your entertainment! 


Traditional Punch and Judy

Show in the UK and via ZOOM now the whole WORLD! 

Mr Punch and the Crocodile! For events in Hereford and surrounding home counties


Punch & judy is great alongside -

weddings - birthdays - fete's and more!


Mr Punch is a very cheeky puppet!!

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