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Juggle Puppet started in 2016 as a collaboration between professional juggler Cai Lear and other entertainers in and around London.
 In 2017 i lost my mother to cancer and had to
re-adjust my life to start performing in and around Hereford in early 2018. In the 5 years I have run Jugglepuppet we have performed to over 10,000+ people.
At birthdays, Village fetes, Taught circus skills in multiple schools all around the UK. Festivals and celebrations have been had by old and young.
I am very proud of all I have achieved and love to keep inspiring the younger generations to come.

''Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life''

At Jugglepuppet we really love what we do and we want you to feel that way too! So, our aims are very simple.

No.1 Have fun

No.2 Pass on the fun

We want to inspire, educate and pass on skills, but most of all we want to bring out peoples imagination.



Cai is 32 years old, has a HND Diploma in Circus Arts from Circomedia Centre for Contemporary Circus Bristol. He has been perfecting his skills for over 15 years. He has performed all around the United Kingdom and abroad. His most recent highlights include performing at the British Juggling Convention Gala in Perth and in Salt Lake city Utah for 

Cai 10.jpg
Cai Lear Juggling Show London

Juggling video In Salt lake city UTAH, For youtube/Kuma films

Juggling Show at the British Juggling Convention 2016 Gala Show in Perth, Scotland

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