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Corporate team building Workshops

Juggle Puppets team building aims are:

  • To nurture shared problem solving, innovation and leadership skills

  • To increase social skills, boost confidence and self esteem

  • To develop good working relationships through a shared experience  

  • To inspire new interests and skills acquisition for individual health and wellbeing 

  • To have fun! 

Circus Skills Workshop 

Learn a skill and have some fun! 

In this workshop participants will be treated to a short demonstration of some circus skills by professional Juggler Cai Lear. Once everyone is freshly inspired the group will be split up into smaller teams and taught some basic techniques in juggling, diablo, hula hooping and devil sticks.

Participants will be encouraged to share knowledge and support each other in mastering these new props. Once everyone has had a go each team will put on a small show for the rest of the group. Teammates must decide their music, storyline and which prop they will perform with. 

Balloon modelling Workshop 

Great fun for everyone with plenty of balloons to take home!

Our balloon modelling workshop starts off with some tips and techniques for some basic twists. We have a guarantee that all participants will be able to make some simple structures and start to be creative with them within 30 minutes!  


Once everyone has had a go the group will be split into smaller teams for the great balloon off! The teams must work together to design a balloon sculpture based on a set theme. These themes could be based on your organisations interests or anything else you would like.

Did you know? 

There are many benefits to learning new skills, aside from having fun! 

Research has shown that participating in skilled activities can increase social skills, boost confidence and self esteem and enhance the memory. In fact Scientists at Oxford University have concluded that learning to Juggle can increase white matter in the brain by up to 5%. 

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