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Juggle Puppet workshops for Schools

Our School Workshops are suitable for children and young people of all ages.

We are DBS checked and provide public liability insurance.  

We can run individual workshops for one class or a whole days of activities for up to 150 students. 

We also do projects lasting up to 6 weeks at very competitive prices.

Contact us for a quote and to discuss your requirements 

Research has shown that participating in skilled activities can increase social skills, boost confidence and self esteem and in chance the memory.

In fact Scientists at Oxford University have concluded that learning to Juggle can increase white matter in the brain by up to 5%

Did you know that?

Circus Skills - Whole Class School Workshop

Suitable for classes of approximately 30 children. Lasts 1hr and 30mins

Suitable for all ages.

This workshop is a fast paced, action packed, exciting and educational treat! Children will have the opportunity to try out a variety of Circus Skills, including Juggling, Plate Sinning, Diablo, Devil Sticks and Hula Hooping. 


First the whole class are given a fun demonstration of how to use all the equipment by professional circus artist Cai Lear. Then, they are divided into smaller groups to have a go at each. 

Students are encouraged to support each other as they learn these new skills.

Long term Circus Skills projects 

Learning Circus Skills can provide incredible benefits to young people.

At Juggle Puppet we can work with you to create a project which lasts for several weeks at a time. You can book 1 half day per week and see children's confidence and skills grow as the weeks progress. By the end of the project students can perform a routine in front of their class or perhaps the school! 

Contact us and we can help you create your own personalised project. 

Balloon Modelling School Workshop

Suitable for groups of up to 15 children. Last 1hr 30mins 

Suitable for children aged 8 - 16


Something fun and a little different! This workshop builds children's confidence by teaching them a new skill in a fun and engaging way.

Students are given a demonstration of some of the twists and techniques in balloon modelling & taught some basic balloon designs. They are then split into smaller groups for a competition! Each team is given a theme and together they must design and build a balloon sculpture. The team with the best balloon sculpture will win a balloon trophy. Only for the bravest of classes' as it always comes with some loud popping sounds :)

Punch and Judy School Workshop

Suitable for groups of up to 30 children (performance can include more).

Last 1hr 

Suitable for all ages

Great for English History topics! 


Punch and Judy shows have been performed in the UK for over 350 years! 

This workshop starts with a Punch and Judy performance lasting approx 25mins. Then the children will have a "meet and greet" with the puppets and have a go at holding them. During this time we have a talk about  the history of the show and the influence Mr Punch and his gang have had in regards English culture. Finally the children are left with worksheets to make Punch and Judy finger puppets and a booth. (Worksheets will be given out by us with instructions and then left to complete in class) 

This workshop includes worksheets for up to 30 children, however the show can be performed for as many children as you want, the more the merrier! More worksheets can be bought at an additional cost. Please request a quote when you enquire. 


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